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Such a sweet experience <3


Dam I dont know why this game got me in a good mood thumbs up for you


Hi, is there any way I can get in touch with you? Would like to show this game at my festival. I can be reached at Hope to hear from you


Nice work!

Behind the narrative scene I saw a small RTS/tactical aspect in the management of deers and the "fights". I managed to spare more deers by quickly running away from the spear and target the monkeys near the edge of the screen (the GIF shows this a little already).

What a cool game. It was so peaceful and relaxing, yet violent!

Beautiful game! It's just my interpretation, but it felt like the game described our relationship with nature, how we destroy it's balance.

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Really cool idea for a game! Really cool art and music even though the game itself was very evil lol those poor deer... 


I loved this! It was a beautiful game and very easy to play. I liked how everything tied itself together at the end. Nearly got me there :) 


Wonderfully put together. I enjoyed the simple story, and how it all came together in the end - in this sort of time-loop. The art style is beautiful, and I liked the moderate controls to join the two together. Overall, I would say this game is very well done, and I loved this game. I recommend anyone who is to come across this game.. play it.


A very beautiful game, with an interesting look at nature and how it can work... I get reminded of some aspects of the show Mushi-shi, in terms of how it's adressed and the use of parasitic plants? Not shown as necessarily a scary or bad thing but just... hey, here's how nature works, and it has its own sort of beauty to it. It's very thoughtful, and I enjoyed it a lot!


I made a video of it (3:22) and I liked it. It is pretty good-looking, the colors are just mixed very well, and the gaming art is entertaining! With the music and everything, it is really smooth.


The styling of the game is so pretty and with the soundtrack to accompany the play is just wonderful and soothing, keep up the good work ;))


Hello again, i review games that I like on Itch each week and included your game in this weeks episode, I hope you don't mind, thanks again!


Beautiful game, i love the idea behind it and the styling of the game, music goes perfectly too. Thanks!


Thanks! Very glad!

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Hello I am Joshua W. from the Squirrel Reviews. I was hoping to review this game for our new Indie game Spotlight. I love your game and would like to ask you to send me some in game screen shots so I could include them in the review. 


P.S. my email is

Joshua W.